by Adam and Joan Bunting

On Thursday, 16th January 1862 there took place, in the small community of New Hartley, near Blyth in south-east Northumberland, the greatest mining disaster in the history of Britain's coalfields. On that day, 204 men and boys were lost when the giant beam of the pumping engine snapped and twenty tons of cast iron hurtled down the only shaft, blocking all attempts at rescue for several vital days. Nearly all the fatalities were caused by gas which quickly built up in the workings, and the entire community of New Hartley was overwhelmed by the tragedy. Almost every home in the village lost a breadwinner, and in some the coffins were said to have been stacked from floor to ceiling. The funeral that followed on January 26th was remembered for generations - for despite the fact that a few bodies were taken to Cramlington, Cowpen and Seghill for burial, most were buried together in the churchyard at Earsdon, four miles away, and it is said that the last coffin had not left New Hartley when the first was reaching the churchyard, thronged by 60,000 people who had come to stare or to mourn.

This article is intended to give some account of the families involved in the Hartley tragedy. The information is taken mainly, from records at Northumberland County Record Office which holds not only the 1861 Census, taken only nine months before the disaster but also the surviving records of the Hartley Relief Fund which throws some light on the subsequent history of the bereaved families, long after the crowds had dispersed.

Many of the miners lived in the new mining village of New Hartley, close by the Hester Pit (opened in 1845), where the disaster occurred. T. Wemyss Reid, in his graphic description of the rescue efforts, for the Newcastle Daily Journal described it: "as unpicturesque in appearance as possible. It is comprised in two long rows of houses ... in the form of a letter L, with a few small gardens on the other side of he muddy road in front". The long side of the L included the single (or Long) Row, and the Double Row; the shorter side was the Cross Row. There were two outlying rows -- Quarry Row to the North, and Hastings Row to the South. In addition many, miners lived scattered around in hamlets such as Silver Hill or Dairy House, or in the village of Old Hartley some two miles to the east.

No man knew the people of these single-storey rows better than the colliery viewer, Joseph Humble. The viewer's duties were those of a manager who would be responsible for the day-to-day running of the pit, hiring workers, and so on. It was fitting that he had been chosen as census enumerator for much of the area in 1861: he would have known many of the families personally and would have their confidence in recording their details. Incidentally we have been able to find a good number of the miners' families in the 1861 census, but by no means all. Many would have moved into the area at the annual spring hiring in May, and in particular there was a big influx of new families from Scotland up at Quarry Row.

Joseph Humble played a vital role during the anxious days following the closing of the shaft. He it was that kept communications going between the rescuers, led by the renowned 'sinker', William Coulson, and the anxious families at the pithead. He it was that was asked to go down once the way was open and see for himself the huddled rows of bodies with sons cradled for protection in their fathers' arms. His words poignantly expressed the grief sensed by all around him: "Oh, my men, my canny men, they would have done ought for me and there they are all lying dead and cold".

Finally, once the funeral was over, it was Joseph Humble who was given the task of taking the first payments of the relief fund round the rows to the bereaved families. The company gathered everyone together either into the five main rows, or into houses in Old Hartley with the exception of a couple of families in Silver Hill and Dairy House. The fund money poured in from all over the country, and increased rapidly, reaching 50,000 by February 13th and over 75,000 by early April. Apart from special payments for various purposes, it was decided to give 8/6d. weekly to each widow, 12s. to a widow with one child, and 15s. to a widow with two children. Many of the widows remarried but twenty years after the disaster there were still over seventy recipients.

Readers interested in tracing any family in detail would be rewarded by a careful search of the surviving records of the Relief Fund, to be found in Northumberland County Record Office, reference NRO 488, New Hartley Colliery Accident Relief Fund Papers 1862-1903. The collection includes an index to the names of the 'sufferers' (i.e. surviving next-of-kin) and Joseph Humble's first notebook, a complete schedule of 'sufferers' set out by order of houses and rows, with details of payments given in February and March 1862. This notebook is full of informative notes and comments, and most of the details in the lists given below this article have been drawn from it. We did not have time to look at the subsequent lists in detail, but it was immediately apparent that it would be possible to trace the subsequent history of any recipient of relief over a considerable period of time, perhaps twenty or more years if one was lucky. We hope that the details below will at least be sufficient to help the reader decide whether any relationship with one of the Hartley families does in fact exist, but there remains much more to he discovered among the surviving documents.


The 204 victims are listed below. Order is roughly alphabetical but known close relatives are placed in family groups, father first, sons in order of age. Spelling of names is as on the Hartley Memorial Monument in Earsdon churchyard, except in cases where these are clearly wrong. The age at death is given as on the monument, but a number of these were wrong and if so, are given in brackets. We have given more credence to the 1861 Census or the relief fund notebooks, but there seems little doubt that some widows simply did not know their husbands' true ages. Where the address in 1861 is known, this is also given after the victim's age. The exact address of every widow was given in the 1862 relief fund notebooks but many soon moved away after only a week or two, so we have not recorded them here. Under 'next-of-kin' the widow's christian name is given plus, in parentheses, the names and ages of all known children, including babies born after the disaster.

N.B. All places mentioned are believed to be in Northumberland unless otherwise shown. Abbreviations are generally straightforward., bn. = born, a/n = above-named.

  Name of Victim Age, Occupation (other than Miner) and 1861 Address, if known Next of Kin, and Notes
1. AINSLEY, John 19 Parents John & Elizabeth, apparently both blind, lived at Morpeth.
2. ALDERTON, William 31 Mary Ann (Sarah 4, James bn. 6 Apr. 1860). By 1881 she lived in Eva Cottages, Magdalen Rd., Norwich, Norfolk.
3. ALLAN, William 36 Margaret who remarried. (Robert 9, George 7, William 4, John 2, Margaret bn. 22 Dec. 1861.)
4. AMOUR James 43, back-overman, bn. Longbenton; Hastings Row. Ann (Ann 12, Mary 10, Sarah 8, James 5, dau. bn. 6 Oct. 1862), moved to Seaton Delaval, where living in 1881.
5. AMOUR, Richard 14, son of a/n James.  
6. ANDERSON, William ? 27 Margaret, who remarried. (Eleanor 13, Jane Arm 11, Hannah 8, Thomas 3.)
7. ARMSTRONG, John 36, bn. Heaton. Dorothy, n. of Earsdon (2 children).
8. ARMSTRONG, Edward 12, bn. Alnwick, son of a/n John.  
9. ARMSTRONG, John 10, bn. Morpeth, son of a/n John.  
10. ATCHISON, Abraham 20 Dorothy, who remarried (Eleanor 14, William 7, Richard 3, Elizabeth 9m.)
11. BANNAN, William (Bann, Barron) 24 Mother, Mary Ann Wears.
12. BELL, Mark 23, bn. High Green. Father, Mark Bell. miner and widower, 70, native of Warkworth. Mark senr. had one other son, 14 who had lost a leg and was at Delaval School.
13. BELL, Thomas 23, Quarry Row, bn. Tweedmouth Grandfather, Thomas Bell, 74.
14. BELL, Thomas 13, Quarry Row. Cousin of a/n Thomas, bn. Bamburgh. Widowed mother Jane Bell. Deceased father's name was John Bell, n. of Belford. Five siblings (Henry 10, Jane 7, George 5, Andrew 3, John 9m.)
15. BENNETT, John 25 Frances. John Coil (No. 35) and Patrick Sherlock (No. 163) had lodged with the Bennetts.
16. BEWICK, James 34; Silver Hill, bn. Earsdon. Sarah, 30, n. of Earsdon. (Sarah 9, Ann 5, Mary Jane bn. 3 July 1862.) Sarah continued in New Hartley at least to 1881.
17. BEWICK, John 32; Silver Hill, bn. Earsdon. Bro. of a/n James. Ann, 30, n. of Earsdon, and mother Sarah Bewick. (John 11, William 9, Sarah 7, Ann 5, James 2.) Ann (widow) died of consumption 1 March 1862.
18. BEWICK, Robert 30; Hastings Row, bn. Earsdon. Isabella, n. of Bedlington. (Sarah 7, John 2, James 11m.)
19. BIRTLEY, Samuel 24 Isabella (George 1, Margaret bn. 21 Jan. 1861)
20. BLACKBURN, Samuel 26 Mary (Luke 2). Mary went to her parents', William Scott of No. 4, Blake Town, Seghill.
21. BROADFOOT, John 19 Mother Janet Reed alias Broadfoot, lived in Glasgow.
22. BROWN, Thomas 25; Hartley Village. Martha (Ralph 8m).
23. BROWN, Ralph 15; Hartley Village. Bro. of a/n Thomas. Orphan, left brother Robert 11, who went to live with widowed sister-in-law Martha, above.
24. BROWN, George 31, brakesman on inclined plane; Hartley Village, n. of Hartley. Jane, n. of Seaton Sluice. (Ann Burnett 3, Mary Susan 2, George bn. 10 Apr. 1862) Jane's sister was nursing new baby in early weeks of relief fund.
25. BROWN, William 25; Silver Hill, n. of Earsdon Mary, 25, who remarried. (Frances 2, Jane Isabella 7m.)
26. BURN, John 49 (52) Single Row, n. of Earsdon. Elizabeth (Elizabeth 12, Mary 10, John 6.) Lived in Newsham Buildings, Blyth, 1881.
27. BURN, Thomas 14 (17) n. of Earsdon. (Son of John)
28. CAMPBELL, James 28 Margaret (Alexander 7, Mary 3, Peter 1). Margaret moved to Scotland Gate, Choppington, c/o Peter Young.
29. CARLING, George 27 Ann (Dennis 6, Ross 4, Ann 3, Agnes 10m).
30. CHAMBERS, Thomas 55 Margaret (one daughter described as 'delicate').
31. CHAMBERS, Clark 19 (Son of Thomas)
32. CHEETHAM, Alfred 33; Single Row, bn. Lanarkshire Jane, n. of Earsdon (Margaret Ann 6, James 4).
33. CLEGHORN, Oswald 24 Ann (William 4, Catherine 2. Mary bn. 29 Dec. 1861).
34. CLOUGH(CLEUGH), Henry 47; rolleyway man, had been his first day at Hartley pit. Mary (Mary 13, Robert 8, Henry 5), lived at Heaton High Pit, (presumably Henry's previous workplace).
35. COIL, John 28 Irish, no next of kin recorded, lodged with Bennetts.
36. COLE, Thomas 37, deputy overman. Margaret (Mary Ann 14, Margaret Ann 8, Lizzy ?, Eleanor 5, Francis 1).
37. COULSON, John 33 Alice (Jane Ann 10, John 5, William 3, James 6m). Alice moved to Willington, Co. Durham.
38. COULSON, Robert 26 Elizabeth (James 7, Robert 5, William 4m). Elizabeth returned to her birthplace, Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham.
39. COUSINS, John 16 (18); Double Row, bn. Haltwhistle. Son of Thomas Cousins, n. of Allendale.
40. COUSINS, Robert 10 (12); Double Row, nn. Allerwash. (Brother of John)
41. CROSS, Philip 59; Double Row, bn. Newcastle Frances Allsop, his widowed daughter with 2 children, (Mary Ann 4, Elizabeth 2) and Elizabeth his wife.
42. CROSS, Philip 20; Double Row, bn. South Shields, Co. Durham. (Son of Philip senr.)
43. DAVIDSON, John 38; rolleyway man, bn. Alnwick. Susan, bn. Felton (Thomas 8, John 4, Alice 2).
44. DAVIDSON, William George 11; bn. Alnwick (Son of John)
45. DAWSON, Thomas 49; Hartley Village, n. of Hartley. Mary (3 daughters, 1 son, George, a carter), moved to Cowpen Quay, Blyth.
46. DAWSON, John 12 (Son of Thomas)
47. DIXON, Robert 12; Hartley Village, n. of Hartley. Mother Elizabeth (John 6, Mary 3). Father in lunatic asylum.
48. DIXON, William 27 Margaret (Mary Ann 9, John 4). died in Hartley Village before 1881.
49. DIXON, William 34 Single, but had a son, William Jackson, living at Corbridge.
50. DOUGLAS, John 25; Quarry Row, bn. Morpeth. Sarah (one adopted child).
51. DUFFY, Patrick 34; Irish. Ann (Irish). (Mary 7, Catherine 4, John 24 Went back to Wakefield May 1862.
52. DUFFY, James 10; bn. Wakefield, Yorks.  
53. ELLIOTT, Allison 29; stoneman, Hastings Row, bn. Seghill. Elizabeth, bn. Holywell (Mary 7, Henry 6, Ellison 2m). Went to East Holywell.
54. ELLIOTT, Edward 19 Parents kept a public house in Choppington, nephew of (? John) Armstrong.
55. FAIRBAIRN, George 33 (Son of William)
56. FAIRBAIRN, William 70 Margaret, described as a "poor old weak woman", left to live with her son Robert at Cowpen.
57. FORD, Henry 32; Cross Row. Isabella (son bn. 8 Sep. 1862).
58. FORD, John 27; Cross Row, bn. Lowick, bro. of Henry. Agnes (Scottish), (Margaret 2, Eleanor bn. 8 Sep. 1862).
59. FORD, Peter 12, nephew of William Oliver (No. 134). Father Alexander Ford, "an ailing man", 50. (Charlotte 6, Allan or Alexander 3).
60. FORSTER, Joseph 18; Hartley Village, bn. Earsdon. Orphan. lived with Aunt, Jane Stamp.
61. FORSTER, John 11 Hartley Village. (Brother of Joseph), 'son-in-law' (i.e. step-- son) of quarryman, John Scurfield.
62. FULTON, George 25 Mary (John George bn. 20 March 1862), and 60-year-old mother, no name given.
63. GALLAGHER, John 32; Cross Row, bn. Bicker (sic). Jane (Mary 4, Charles 1).
64. GALLAGLIER, Duncan 28; Cross Row, bn. Bicker (Brother of John) son of Margaret Gallagher, 77, Irish widow.
  GALLAGHER, James - see TIERNEY, James    
65. GIBSON, Henry 18; Hartley Village, bn. Seaton Delaval. William Gibson, his father, who had lost one eye, was bn. at Hartley and worked at a bottle-works.
66. GLEDSON, William 71; Hartley Village, bn. Hartley. Frances, bn. at Hartley.
67. GLEDSON. William 43; son of a/n William. Mary (Isabella 13).
68. GLEDSON, George 41; Hartley Village, bn. Hartley, son of a/n William senr. Mary, bn. Seaton Sluice (Lydia 8).
69. GLEDSON, Thomas 36 son of a/n William senr. Ann, died in Old Hartley. 1886.
70. GLEDSON, Thomas 16 (Son of Thomas)
71. GLEN, James 18; Double Row, bn. Northumberland, (parish unknown). Disabled father Thomas Glen, bn. ? Derrington, (Jane 8, Sarah 5, Robert 3, John 1).
72. GLEN William 14; Double Row, bn. Co. Durham [ditto]
73. GLEN, George 12; Double Row, bn. Co. Durham [ditto]
74. GORMERLY, Patrick 25 No known next-of-kin, lodged with Cross family.
75. GRAHAM, Christopher 27 Margaret (John 4, Ann 1).
76. HALL, George 28; Hartley Village, bn. Hartley. Isabella (George 2, Oliver bn. 4 Sep. 1861). lived at Seaton Sluice in 1881.
77. HAMILTON, James (HAMELTON) 56; Scottish. Mary Jane (William 5), who went back to Bathgate, Linlithgoe.
78. HAMILTON, James (HAMELTON) 12; Scottish. (Son of James)
  HAMMEL, Peter - see Humble, Peter. This name is definitely mis-spelt on the monument.    
79. HARDING, John 14½ (20) Son of George (55) and Mary Harding (52).
80. HARRISON, Thomas 16 Son of Thomas Harrison, policeman, of North Seaton.
81. HAUXWELL, Frank 25 Mary (Elizabeth Ann 4m), went to live with her father at Leamside, West Rainton, Co. Durham.
82. HAYS, George 41; Single Row, bn. Gateshead, Co. Durham. Elizabeth (Hannah 14, Mary Ann 11, Elizabeth 8), by 1881 was at Lydia St. Willington, Co. Durham.
83. HEPPLE, Thomas 27 Son of James Hepple of North Seaton. Lodged with Thomas Burn.
84. HILL, George 31 Eliza (John Henry 9, Joseph 6, George 2). John Henry was in the Blind Asylum. Eliza went to her father, Robert Forrester, of Astley St., Duckinfield, Cheshire, where she remarried in 1885.
85. HILL, Robert 21; stoneman. Son of Robert Hill of Holytown.
86. HINDMARSH, George 30; his first day at Hartley Pit. Mary (Mary Ann 7½, William 6, Jane 3, Stephen 1½, George bn. 27 May 1862). Mary went to live at North Seaton.
87. HODGE. John 33; Scottish. Catherine (Archibald 7, Margaret 4, Alice 9m), moved to Wishaw, Scotland.
88. HOUSTON, Andrew 34; Scottish Mary (Andrew, 8 days), moved to Bathgate, Linlithgoe.
89. HOWARD, James 20 Son of James Howard, of Bedlington, - a ventriloquist.
90. HUMBLE, Joseph 27; Single Row. Margaret (two children) and mother, "old Mrs Humble". Nephew of under-viewer, Joseph Humble.
91. HUMBLE, Peter 33; bn. Leics. Mary Anne (Jane 9, Mary Ann 7, John 3, Margaret 2, Elizabeth bn. 22 Nov. 1861).
92. HUNTER, Henry 13 Son of Thomas Hunter, "an old man" (one brother, and one sister Elizabeth, bn. 22 Nov. 1861).
93. JACQUES (JACK), Winship 24 Elizabeth (Isabella 3, Ann 2, Winship Elizabeth 1).
94. JOHNSON, Joseph 41; Quarry Row, bn. Earsdon. Hannah (3 children).
95. JOHNSON, Robert 42; brother of Joseph. Son of William Johnson, 76.
96. KENNEDY, William 30 Elizabeth (James 3, George 1, Sarah Ann bn. 20 Jan. 1862).
97. LAWS, George 20; onsetter; Hastings Row, bn. Hartley. Mary, his widowed mother.
98. LAWS, Thomas 34; Hastings Row, bn. Hartley. Mary, his widowed mother (and brother Edward, 9).
99. LIDDLE, John 46 Catherine (Mary 12, Margaret 9, Elizabeth 5, Emma 4).
100. LIDDLE, Thomas 18; son of above John.  
101. LIDDLE, George 16; son of above John.  
102. LIDDLE, John 11; son of above John.  
103. LIDDLE, Thomas 41; brother of above John senr. Margaret (Mary Ann 12, Elizabeth 7, Margaret 5).
104. LIDDLE, Thomas 11; son of above Thomas.  
105. LIDDLE, William 40 Agnes (Peter 10, Mary 8, Abraham 6, Elizabeth 9m).
106. LIDDLE, James 15, son of above William.  
107. LIDDLE, William 17, son of above William.  
108. LOGAN (LOUGE), William 30; Scottish Ellen (Catherine 7, Sarah 6, Ellen 4, William 3, Patrick 1, Daniel bn. 9 Aug. 1862). They left for Wishaw, Lanarkshire, but Ellen was living at Annitsford in 1881.
109. LONG, John 15; Hartley Village, bn, Hartley. Parents James (a blind miner) and Mary Ann, (Margaret 11, Robert 9, William 6), all bn. at Hartley.
110. LONG, Robert 17; Hartley Village, bn. Hartley. Grandparents Robert (shoemaker) and Cousin of above John. Isabella.
111. MACAULEY, Thomas 38; Single Row. Elizabeth, who left for Wishaw to live with her uncle, David Graham.
112. McCLUTCHEY (McCLUSKEY), Richard 24 Elizabeth (Isabella 9, John 4, Hamilton 2, Richard James bn. after disaster), went to Bathgate.
113. McCRACKEN, William 24 No known immediate next-of-kin; had lodged with his uncle, James Hamilton (No. 77),
114. McFARLANE, William 15 Father - Walter.
115. McKEE, John 55; Quarry Row, bn. Whitehaven (Cumberland). Mary Ann (Joseph 10, George 6 - died soon after disaster, Edward 2, Mary Jane bn. 13 July 1862), moved back to Whitehaven, May 1862.
116. McKEE, Adam 24; son of a/n John, bn. Whitehaven.  
117. McMULLEN, Robert 27 (36) Mary, who died of consumption soon after disaster. One surviving child Mary aged 2, went to live with an aunt who was wife of Joseph McPherson of Merrington Lane, Spennymoor, Co. Durham.
118. MANDERSON, Peter (or Mathew) 50; Hastings Row, bn. Scotland. Elizabeth his wife, was the sister of Joseph Humble the under-viewer; her mother Elizabeth Humble was living with her. (Matthew 2, Peter bn. 3 March 1862.)
119. MARLEY, Robert 23; Hartley Village, bn. Easington Lane, Co. Durham. Jane
120. MASON, Hugh 24 No known next-of-kin. Lodged with George Fulton (No. 62).
121. MILLER, Walter 43; stoneman. Elizabeth, who moved to Wishaw, then to c/o John Paterson, Carfin, nr. Holytown, Scotland. (Janet 12, Thomas 8, James 6, Robert 2, Mary 8m.)
122. MILLER, William 34; stoneman, brother of a/n Walter. Mary (John 9, Jane 5, James 1). At the time of the first relief payments, one child had 'typhus fever'.
123. MORGAN, Andrew 44 Widower. One daughter, Dorothy, 17, went to her married sister's - John Pratt, New Lambton, Fence Houses, Co. Durham.
124. MULLEN, John 36 Ann (Patrick 8, James 6, Mary Ann 4, Catherine 8m).
125. MURRAY, Michael 26 No next-of-kin known. Lodged with Mullens.
126. NESBITT, Peter 20 Mother, who lived at Scotswood, nr. Newcastle. Nesbitt was a nephew of Peter Manderson (No. 118).
127. NICHOLSON, John 14; Hartley Village, bn. Westwood Cottage, nr. Hexham. Parents William (colliery labourer) and Mary.
128. NICHOLSON, Joseph 20; brother of a/n John. [ditto]
129. NICHOLSON, Joshua 52; Single Row, bn. Earsdon. Ann (Elizabeth 12, Catherine 9, Joshua 4), lived in Cowpen Quay, Blyth, 1881.
130. NORTH, Robert 26; Quarry Row, Scottish. Elizabeth (Jane 2).
131. NORTH, George 15 (10); Double Row, bn. Berwick-on-Tweed. Parents James (60) and Jane (48) with two children surviving (Mary 7, William 5).
132. NORTH, John 12 (14); Double Row, bn. Berwick-on-Tweed. Brother of a/n George. Parents James (60) and Jane (48) with two children surviving (Mary 7, William 5).
133. NORTH, Alexander 10 (12); [ditto] [ditto]
134. OLIVER, William 56 Mary (Ellen 10). Uncle of Peter Ford (No. 59).
135. OLIVER, John 27; son of a/n William. Ann, who went into service in Newcastle.
136. OLIVER, James 21; [ditto] Mary (Mary Jane bn. 22 May 1862)
137. OLIVER, William 17; [ditto]  
138. OLIVER, Peter 15; [ditto]  
139. ORMISTON, John 32 Elizabeth (William. or Henry 10, Mary Ann 1).
140. PALMER, William 35 Hannah (Caroline 7, Lucy 5. William James 2).
141. PAPE, William 14; nephew of J. Ternent (No. 173). Father lived in Newcastle.
142. PEARSON, Thomas 28 Parents Martin and Abigail Pearson of Greenhead, Cumberland.
143. REDPATH, William 24 Jane (Thomas 5, William 3, James Henry 1, Samuel bn. 17 Sep. 1862).
144. REYNOLDS (RANDALL), Robert 33; Scottish Ellen (John 8, Andrew 6, Robert 4, James 2, Mary Jane 9m), moved to Bathgate, Linlithgoe.
145. RICHARDSON, Alexander 22 Margaret.
146. RILEY, Hugh 30 Isabella (Robert 6, two daughters aged 4 and 1).
147. ROBINSON, Mathew 30 May (28). (Mary 6. William 2).
148. ROBINSON, Thomas 42 Martha (Sarah 13, Martha Ann 9, Thomas 1), lived in Hartley Village 1881.
149. ROBSON, Ralph 36; Cross Row, bn. Backworth. Ruth (Jane Ann 10, Margaret 8, Ralph 6, Thomas 5, George 2, Carr bn. 22 July 1862).
150. ROBSON, James 12; Single Row, bn. Earsdon. Father Andrew Robson, disabled miner.
151. ROSS, Thomas 46; Hastings Row, bn. South Shields, Co. Durham. Widower. Had a daughter Margaret (14) who went to stay with John Graham of Seaton Delaval.
152. ROWLEY, Edward 33 Isabella (Robert 8, James 5, Edward 9m).
153. RUTHERFORD, John 25; Double Row, bn. Bothal. {Father, John Rutherford, unable to work {and requiring a continual allowance.. {The brothers had stayed with their married {sister, Mary Caisley, before the disaster.
154. RUTHERFORD, William 23; Double Row, bn. Bothal, Brother of a/n John.  
155. RUTHERFORD, Thomas 32; Hastings Row, bn. Scotland. Jane, bn. Ulgham (Thomas 9, Robert 3).
156. SCURFIELD, George 51; Hartley Village, bn. Hartley. Parents John and Elizabeth Scurfield, and Ellen, 50, his sister, who "took fits", and died at 10 Tyne St., Newcastle, aged 69.
157. SEBASTIAN, Thomas 19; Hartley Village, bn. Hartley. Widowed mother Ann Sebastian, lived in Hartley Village.
158. SHARP, George 49; Hartley Village, bn. Hartley. Elizabeth (James 10, Barnsley 8, Jane 5), who was in North Shields in 1891.
159. SHARP, George 15; Hartley Village, bn. Hartley Son of a/n George.  
160. SHARP, George 13; Hartley Village, bn. Hartley. Son of a/n George.  
161. SHARP, Henry 44; Hartley Village, bn. Hartley. Deputy overman Cousin of a/n George senr. Eleanor.
162. SHARP, Thomas 48, brother of a/n Henry. Eleanor and her mother, Jane Dexter (75).
163. SHERLOCK, Patrick 28 Edward Sherlock of Chesterfield, Derbyshire.
164. SKINNER, George 14; Hartley Village, bn. Hartley. Father, Samuel Skinner, merchant seaman, bn. Alderton, Suffolk.
165. SMALL, Robert 19 No known next-of-kin. Had lodged with Mary Ann Wears.
166. SMITH, Francis 33 Jane (Joseph 10, Mary Ann 8, Jane 6, John 3, Sarah 1). Francis had been uncle and adoptive father of William Wilson (No. 196).
167. SMITH, William 19; glassmaker from Seaton Sluice, was visiting pit. Isabella (William bn. 1 Sep. 1862).
168. SOFTLEY, Edward 17: Hartley Village, bn. Hartley. Parents Edward and Margaret Softley, with one daughter.
169. STAINSBY, Lionel 23 Father John Stainsby of 8 Chapel Row, nr. Darlington, Co. Durham.
170. STANLEY, William 34 Father, James Stanley, lived at Dudley.
171. TAYLOR, Joseph 36 Margaret (Jane 8, Joseph 2. Ann bn, 12 March 1862), in Old Hartley 1881.
172. TELFORD, William 29 (24) rolleyway man. Ann, bn. Willington (Eleanor 3, Mary Jane 2, George bn. 11 Feb. 1862).
173. TERNENT. John 44; deputy overman, Hastings Row, bn. Alnwick. Mary Ann (Margaret 13, Sarah 10, John 8, James 4, Ann 9m, Mary Ann Robinson, adopted dau.).
174. TERNENT, George 11 son of a/n John bn. Trimdon, Co. Durham.  
175. TERNENT, William 40 onsetter Double Row bn. Belsay. Eleanor (Ann Elizabeth 12, Ellen 9, William 4, Isabella 1). An older son aged 18 was "of weak intellect" and "took fits".
176. THIRLWELL, George 27 Jane (Caleb 7, Elizabeth 7m, died).
177. TIBBS, William 32; Single Row, bn. Stepney, London. Elizabeth (Caroline and Thomas, twins, 5, William 2, Stephen 1).
178. TIERNEY (alias GALLAGHER), James 14; Cross Row, bn. St John's?, Co. Durham. Mother, Margaret Gallagher. James lodged with Duncan Gallagher, (No. 64).
179. TRYER, James 36 His mother, Susan Tryer of Bolton-le-Moor (? Co. Durham).
180. VEITCH, John 21 Mary, niece of Elizabeth Macaulay (No. 111). Returned to Wishaw.
181. WADE, George 31 Jane (Margaret 2m).
182. WALKER, Benjamin 21 No known next-of-kin.
183. WALKER James 16; Hartley Village bn. Hartley. Son of Ellen Walker, widow, bn. Hartley.
184. WALKER, William 12; [ditto] [ditto]
185. WALPOLE (WALPOOL), Patrick 30 Catherine, who lived at Whitley Row, Earsdon. Payment of relief was withheld - the only example of this in the entire list. No reason given.
186. WANLESS, Christopher 20 Father, Thomas Wanless
187. WANLESS, Thomas 19; brother of a/n Christopher. [ditto]
188. WANLESS, John 14; brother of a/n Christopher. [ditto]
189. WATSON, James 38; Hastings Row, bn. Old Hartley. Mary.
190. WATSON, Joseph 16; son of a/n James, bn. South Church, Co. Durham.  
191. WATSON, John 38 Mary (George 10 Jane 8, Sarah 2, John 1m.).
192. WATSON, Thomas 16; son of a/n John.  
193. WATSON, Thomas 31 cousin of a/n John Eleanor (Elizabeth 6, William 4, John 1).
194. WEARS, Robert 20; Double Row bn. Earsdon Father, Robert Wears, bn. Ovington.
195. WEARS, Thomas 40 Ann (Ann 13, Thomas 6, James 3).
196. WHITE, William 16; Hartley Village, bn. Byker Hill Newcastle. Widowed mother Elizabeth, 40, bn. North Shields.
197. WILKINSON, John B. 23; Single Row, bn. Wallsend. Frances.
198. WILSON, George 38; rolleyway man. Elizabeth (Charles 6, William 10, George 4, Thomas bn. 17 July 1862).
199. WILSON, William 16; orphan. Nephew of Francis Smith (No. 166).
200. WILSON, William 12 Father, Robert Wilson.
201. WYPHER or WYPER, David 24 Marian (Peter 7 "deformed and imbecile", granted relief to age 18, Jane 5, Robert 2, David bn. 15 Apr. 1862), went to Wishaw, still there in 1881.
202. YOULL, John 28 Margaret (Margaret 6, John 4, Jane 2½, Mary 8m), who went to her father, James Quintin, of Town Head St., Hamilton, Lanarkshire.
203. YOUNG, John 15 Jane (Mary Elizabeth 3, Isabella 1), went to live at Rumbley Hill.
204. YOUNGER, Henry 33; Shoe Row, deputy overman, bn. Earsdon. Elizabeth (Margaret 3, Jane 1).

This article was first published in the NDFHS Journal, Volume 7, Number 4, September 1982.

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