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Alnwick Branch / Re: Soldier from Waterloo
« Last post by geoff on January 16, 2015, 10:56:12 AM »

     No, unfortunately I don't.  I live in Washington (and am Chairman of the S Tyneside  Branch!).  However, I do have a passing interest in anything military to do with Alnwick as my grandfather, Charles William Richardson, came from there and that was where he joined the Northumberland Fusiliers in 1899.  After initial training he was sent to the Boer War but arrived in S Africa the day after it ended!  Then it was to India where he married my grandmother and where three children, including my mother, were born.  He returned to the UK in 1913, by then a CSM with a specialisation in PE and square-bashed recruits at Fenham until sent to France in 1914.  After WWI he remained in the Army until discharged about 1922, after which his life took a downhill turn.  Earlier generations of the Richardsons were from the dregs of Alnwick, and included Charlie Richardson, the "Edlingham Burglar", about whom I have done a lot of research.  One of the last was my great-aunt Eva, who had married Luke Goodfellow, whose tobacconists shop in Bondgate Within may still be remembered by some people (closed c1960), and whose daughter, Mary Goodfellow, was a well-known teacher in Alnwick (died late 1970s).  I'm a little reluctant to post my telephone number here but it is bound to be on file in Percy House.  I was in Percy House on Tuesday just gone and noted people gathering for the NDFHS Council Meeting - they didn't include you by any chance did they?

Alnwick Branch / Re: Soldier from Waterloo
« Last post by DudleyG on January 15, 2015, 08:36:28 PM »
Thanks Geoff, Anything will potentially be useful.

Do you live in or near Alnwick? I have passed your info on to Trish Jones who is our military expert . She would probably like to talk about it to you if you were local. If not, I will see if she would like to come onto the forum

Alnwick Branch / Re: Soldier from Waterloo
« Last post by geoff on January 15, 2015, 07:18:50 PM »

     I don't know whether you consider as a standard source the index to Chelsea Out-Pensioners discharged 1806-1838, compiled by J D Beckett for the Manchester and Lancashire Family History Society and published by them on microfiche in 1990 (ISBN 0 947701 57 5).  It was taken from PRO (now TNA) ref WO 120/25: I suspect from a LDS microfilm of that, as they give the "Mormon Reference" of 854657.  It is arranged in groups of Regiments of Foot, one of which covers the 29th to the 43rd Regiments.  It lists five James Doyles, only one of which was from the 40th Regiment, but unfortunately all it tells us is that he was discharged in 1836 and his details are on page 403 of the original TNA document, which may include a little more information.  Some of the other groups of regiments (ie other fiche) tell us eg the birthplace and birth year of the soldier, but not this one!

                                Geoff Nicholson
Alnwick Branch / Soldier from Waterloo
« Last post by DudleyG on January 15, 2015, 05:38:35 PM »
There is a soldier's grave at the far back of St Michaels churchyard Alnwick.

As you can see from the atachment Sgt James Doyle fought in a whole mass of battles and we are researching his full military  history.

Our aim is to see him properly recognised for his part in Waterloo as part of the commemorations this year. Anyone related, or know more by any chance than the standard online sources we are researching?
Gateshead Branch / Closure of Gateshead Branch
« Last post by Pat Pierpoint - Publicity Officer NDFHS on January 13, 2015, 10:18:10 PM »
The Society announces, with regret, that the Gateshead Branch closed at the end of 2014.  In the absence of volunteers coming forward to take up positions as officers for the branch, Bill Lumsden has for the past 6 years carried out all of the roles of officers with great competence.  The Trustees would like to express their warmly felt gratitude to Bill.
Tynedale Branch / Report of January 2015 Tynedale meeting
« Last post by Susanne on January 10, 2015, 03:29:40 PM »
Tynedale Meeting: 8  Jan 2015   
Members Forum   An old family item I have kept 
This was a very lively meeting with practically every attendee contributing something to the discussion, whether an item, a photo of an item or an anecdote.  Some items created more questions for their owners as they tried to find out the truth of the stories they had been told.  One great grandfather had bequeathed a hunting horn to the first grandchild to be christened John but since the speakerís grandfather had been called Featherstone after his motherís family the horn ended up in South Africa through a younger cousin. Their family had sent a photo.  Another speakerís interest in family history had been sparked 40 years ago by her family acquiring a grandfather clock that had belonged to ďCousin TomĒ.  He turned out to have been a young member of an older generation.  This too was illustrated by a photo since the clock is full height.  Photos themselves were the objects prized by other speakers.  These showed members of families, always in their best clothes.  Some involved detective work to find out the names of the people shown.  This was complicated in one case by a family going to America and then the mother coming back to England to give birth before returning.  A few years later the whole family came back.  Accurate dates were hard to work out until more embarkation records came online.  One book The Queenís Gift Book dated back to World War 1.  It had coloured illustrations of the Royal family and contained stories by the famous authors of the day such as Buchan, Kipling and Ethel OíDell.  It was sold to raise funds for Queen Maryís Servicesí Convalescent hospitals.  Another book was an auntís artistic autograph album.  More lightweight was a photocopy of an 1814 will in which the speakerís g-g-g-mother had left practically everything to her daughter apart from small sums to her sonís children.  This provoked discussion as to the reasons.  Also light to carry but larger and more fragile were certificates given out during sea voyages.  Crossing the Equator for the first time before the last war was enlivened for two ancestors by a mock ceremonial welcome by Neptune.  The Navy man got a large scroll printed on paper.  The paying passenger received a smaller scroll but it was printed in multicolour on silk.  Even wartime did not stop such jesting: crossing the Arctic Circle in 1941, once more in HMS Kent, as part of an Arctic Convoy, resulted in another scroll to mark the occasion. A much heavier item was a large flat glass porthole cylinder  that came from a submarine being broken up in Hartlepool after the war:  from one of Hitlerís submarines - possibly his personal one!   
North Northumberland Branch / MY BRICK WALL
« Last post by Vglass on January 09, 2015, 10:34:21 AM »
Surely every member has experienced at least one of these? Solutions cannot be guaranteed but we hope that sharing a brick wall (missing ancestor, change of name, etc) with other members may help bring about suggestions for a different approach and possible progress. Well, one can hope!

Come along to our first meeting of 20015 on Sat 17 Jan 10 am at Bell View, 33 West St, Belford.
Coffee is available from 9.45 am.
The Branch Annual General Meeting of the Wansbeck & District Branch will be held at Pegswood Community Hub on Longhirst Road on Wednesday 7th January 2015 at 1.30 pm.  Due to retirement, there is a vacancy for the post of Branch Secretary, so, if you if you can spare some time and are willing to offer your services, please see Wendy Stafford at the meeting.
The next meeting of Tynedale Branch will be held at Gilesgate Community Centre in Hexham on Thursday 8th January at 7.00 pm and will be a Members' Forum based on "An old family item I have kept".
The next meeting of the South Tyneside Branch will be held at the usual venue of St. Hilda's Church Visitor Centre at South Shields on Wednesday 21st January 2015 at 7.30 pm, and you are invited to bring along old photographs that you can either talk about or would like to seek advice on. 
This is just a preliminary notice of the meeting, as no doubt Geoff Nicholson will post more details nearer the date and at the same time try to rally the troops for a good attendance!
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