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NDFHS South Tyneside Branch Report January 2017
« on: January 27, 2017, 08:52:14 PM »
We had a small group at the meeting held on Wednesday 18th January but never-the-less we had an enjoyable afternoon discussing stories surrounding items which Members had kept and which they had brought along to the meeting.

The first concerned a service medal from the Battle of Camperdown 1797 which had been awarded to a direct ancestor and which had been handed down through the generations in the family.  Camperdown was a battle fought between British and Dutch Naval Fleets and which saw heavy loss of life on both sides.  From extensive searches of various records including Naval and Ships records, our Member had been able to establish his ancestor's contribution in the battle.

The second item was one which the Shields Gazette had kindly reported on prior to the meeting and this concerned a cutting from The Daily Express dated 8th November 1935.  It tells the story of Edith Williams, a young lady born in Liverpool but living in Melbourne, Australia and how she stowed away on board the Swedish windjammer C.B. Pedersen.  Although this is quite recent as far as family history is concerned, it is causing intrigue as to the part played by our Member's father and how the story ends tragically when the stowaway was killed in a bombing raid in 1940.  The search continues!!!

We then continued by discussing family history and the resources available to help with researching those elusive tales relating to our ancestors.