Author Topic: NDFHS South Tyneside Branch Report February 2017  (Read 1045 times)

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NDFHS South Tyneside Branch Report February 2017
« on: February 20, 2017, 03:04:24 PM »
Unfortunately due to a 'glitch' in computer compatibility, Andrew Clark, the Speaker felt he was unable to do justice to his proposed talk 'Pubs, Brewers and Beer' as this was a power-point presentation which featured a number of photographs.

Instead Andrew improvised by treating the Members to 'a trip down memory late' with his talk on North East Life in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.  Shopping at the Co-op, days set aside each week for washing, the ironing with the flat iron, baking days, cleaning the outside steps and windows, and the when pit workers had their coal delivered outside the back yard, were all some of the chores we recalled.

We also laughed at the first TV's and how all the family, friends and neighbours would crowd around a tiny screen to watch the Coronation in 1953.  Listening to the radio and recalling some of the programmes we would look forward to (as that was the only home entertainment in those days).  Trips to the cinema with a 'B' film as well as the 'A' film and Pathe News - we got our money's worth in those days.  Childhood games and toys such as skipping, hop-scotch, marbles, tops & whips, as well as holidays with trips to the beach wearing those knitted swimming costumes were some of the things that brought back happy memories for us all.

There were also one or two antidotes which Andrew can add to his repertoire for future talks!!  A thoroughly entertaining afternoon.