Author Topic: SOUTH TYNESIDE - JUNE 2019 MEETING REPORT  (Read 1153 times)

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On the 19th June our group arrived at the venue just as the sun broke through from the storm clouds which led to a very pleasant afternoon walking around Arbeia, the Roman Fort in South Shields.

Whilst there are still areas which remain unexcavated, it can be seen that a lot of work has been done not only in excavation but also restoring and developing this site, which has its origins in the second century.  It is believed the main purpose in the Romans building the fort was for the storage of supplies which could be taken directly off the ships entering the river mouth, before being taken up river to their bases along Hadrians Wall.  Our guide was able to point out some of the more interesting ruins such as the granaries, the locations of the gates and even the latrines.

The West Gate has been reconstructed and those of us who were able, climbed the stairs to the look out point at the top of the tower where there were some excellent views to be had of the area.  In addition to the West Gate, there have been very impressive and colourful reconstructions of the Soldiers Barracks and the Commanding Officer's House, which give an excellent insight of how the Romans lived all those many centuries ago.

What was also interesting to think was just what had lain below the homes of those of our ancestors who had lived on 'The Lawe' in streets such as Military Road, Trajan Avenue, Vespasian Avenue and Julian Avenue etc. A wealth of history on our doorstep!! This was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon which, after a brief look around the museum, ended with a cup of tea/coffee at the Customs House.