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Members and guests attended the meeting held on Wednesday 19th February which was a presentation by Ndfhs Journal Editor John Ward on "Photos, Problems and Solutions".

No doubt we have all inherited that 'box of photographs' with no clue as to who they depict or when and where they were taken, and in this regard John was no exception.  John explained he had paid a visit to the National Museum of Photography in Bradford which houses various types of camera and photographs dating back to 1839.  Using his own collection as examples he showed examples of Daguerrotype pictures which were popular in the 1840s/1850s; the photographs usually having been taken in astudio.  It was interesting to note a receipt dated 1854 put the cost of one studio photograph at £2.7shillings as opposed to the typical funeral cost at that time which would be around £3.  Studio photographs then gave way to Tintype which became popular for outdoor use, e.g. seaside photographers on the beach.

Useful tools for dating pictures were suggested such as a book by Robert Potts "Dating Pictures by Clothing", a copy of which can be found in the Ndfhs Library at Percy House, looking for any information written on the back of photographs as well as researching on-line for information related to any named Photographic Studio that might appear in your collection of photos.  Finds at Family History Fairs have also proved helpful.

This was an interesting topic for the family historian and provided us with a number of tips to follow up on.